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May 29, 2020

The Consequences of Hiring a Bad Driver

Hiring a bad driver for your trucking company can be detrimental. Here are some of the consequences you can face when hiring someone who’s not the right fit, plus some tips to make the hiring process go smoothly.

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September 27, 2017

How To Get Your Trucking Company Started [Updated 2021]

Are you looking to start your own trucking company but don’t know how? Here’s how Motor Carrier HQ can help, such as getting your trucking authority, helping you set up your business, and so much more!

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October 7, 2013

What Are My CSA Scores and How Do You Check Them?
[Updated 2021]

Is your trucking company considered “safe” by the FMCSA? As a trucking company owner, you should regularly check your CSA scores to determine if you could be in danger of a warning letter or more inspections. But, if you aren’t sure where to start, here’s a basic overview of what CSA is, how you can…

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September 13, 2013

What Is the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)? [Updated 2021]

Don’t forget to file the Form 2290 if you operate trucks over 55,000 pounds. Learn more about the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax and Form 2290 and why it’s so important to make sure to submit the form by August 31st.

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