Feb 12 2015

OOIDA Gives Helpful Tips for DOT Physical

Recently the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) launched a new online resource that will help truckers prepare for their DOT physicals. This program will also share information with other drivers about their experiences under the system that requires their physicals to be performed by FMCSA-certified medical examiners.

The FMCSA launched the new registry in May of 2014. Because it’s so new, many truckers that have held two-year or one-year medical cards have yet to navigating the system and will most likely have many questions.

Basic Medical Requirements

The DOT physical will require some simple requirements to make sure you are in good enough health to operate with a CDL-A. Below are the basic medical requirements to pass the medical exam.

  • CDL driver must have 20/40 correctable vision in each eye
  • CDL driver cannot be a diabetic requiring needle injected insulin
  • CDL driver blood pressure must be at 160 over 90 or less for a 24 month DOT medical certificate
  • CDL driver blood sugar level must be under 200
  • The use of any drug will prevent CDL drivers from passing the DOT physical
  • Current diagnosis of any cardiovascular disease or cardiac issues may require CDL drivers to provide additional information from your doctor

Preparation Tips

With help of ooida.com, truckers new to the system and truckers who have gone through the DOT physical under the new system can be more informed when preparing for the DOT medical exam. The site features 10 topics that will help prepare truck drivers for the exam including:

  1. The time allowed before your physical expires
  2. Documentation requirements for insurance and registration in your truck and medical conditions that you are being treated for
  3. The day of the exam
  4. Medical concerns that may cause a problem passing the physical
  5. How much the exam will cost
  6. Requirements needed to be medically qualified
  7. Information on getting a second opinion
  8. Examples of what is permitted
  9. Examples of what is illegal (i.e. doctor shopping)
  10. What information will go in the certified medical examiner database

Each of these topics are meant to ensure people don’t repeat the same mistakes others have made as well as making sure drivers are as informed as possible when getting the DOT physical.

According to OOIDA, drivers should start to prepare 30 days in advance for their DOT physical with their doctor. In a worst case scenario a driver may be required to undergo a medical test and wait for results before they can be certified. They may also need time to find out whether their insurance will cover the physical.

One of the helpful features on the website allows truck drivers to submit reviews of their medical examiners and to search for reviews that other drivers have submitted. This can help truck drivers know if a medical examiner was fair or if multiple people had issues with them. With the help of OOIDA, each truck driver can see reviews within a geographic radius of up to 150-miles of any U.S. city.

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