Dec 09 2014

Top 8 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

Whether you’re on the road or in an office, staying healthy at work is hard to do. The office of a truck driver might rest on 18-wheels and weighs a few tons, but driving the open road requires hours and hours of sitting. Unlike an office job, truck drivers can’t spend a lunch break working out at the gym. Luckily, there are still things you can do to stay healthy on the road.

  1. Plan your day – Schedule your day ahead of time and include when you want to stop for food, snacks and exercise. This way you’ll be less likely eat too much and more likely to workout.
  1. Wash your hands – Remember to wash your hands frequently, especially before you eat. This will help you reduce the risk of getting sick. So change your ways and wash up; this will help you continue to avoid getting sick germs.
  1. Eat healthier – Changing your eating habits isn’t the easiest thing in the world. You may have to change the places you choose to eat to find healthier options. If you can’t change the locations of where you eat, review the menu to find healthier meals. You should also be aware of the portions you take in and find out how much food is healthy for you.
  1. Carry healthy snacks – Packing your truck with healthy snacks is a sure way to lose weight. Try snacking on fruits, nuts or protein bars to keep full and stay healthy. Purchase your snacks from a grocery store or farmers market for the best deals.
  1. Take multi-vitamins – Start including vitamins in your daily routine. Vitamins will fill the nutrient gaps and ensure that you are getting what is missing in your daily diet.
  1. Stay connected – Some truck drivers will agree that the road can be lonely and loneliness may lead to depression. Stay connected with family and friends while on the road with text message, phone calls, and Skype! You can also use social media to stay in touch with more people at any time you’d like.
  1. Drink water – Always have water available in your truck. Drink it often and stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is very important and water is the best way to hydrate and clean out your body.
  1. Get plenty of rest – Getting the right amount of sleep rejuvenates your mind and body. Rest is also important to help your immune system. Make sure to schedule yourself enough rest so you are refreshed for the next days travels.

At Motor Carrier HQ, we want you to stay healthy and keep fit while on the road. We believe it a healthy body gives you a healthy mind and a healthy mind keeps you happy. Keep updated with tips and tricks for being on the road by checking our website frequently and always drive safe.

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