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One of the biggest challenges for any new trucking company with a brand new motor carrier authority is finding loads. Most new trucking authorities have to use brokers to either find all their loads or to find backhauls. The problem is, many brokers won’t work with a trucking company unless they have been in business for 30, 60, or 90 days. Some brokers will even make you wait for 6 months or even a year.

We have a list you can download for free of some brokers who will let you haul for them right out of the gate and some who only require 30 days on the road. You can get it at the bottom of this page.

Keep in mind, this list is not all inclusive and it changes all the time as companies change their policies. Just because they accept new authorities today, doesn’t mean they will tomorrow and vice versa. Also, sometimes a company who doesn’t normally accept new authorities will make an exception, but those are a bit more rare.

In episode 32 of our podcast, Haulin Assets, we tackle this very subject. Listen to it to hear more ways to overcome this challenge. Here are a few of the pointers we discuss for working with brokers when you are just starting out.

  • Don’t try to hide the fact you are new. They are going to find out and you’re just going to waste your time and theirs.
  • Before you haul a load for someone, ask to use them as a reference after you have done a good job for them.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions so you do everything correctly. You have to be a professional, because they want to work with professionals. Make sure all your paperwork is clean, easy to read, and submitted quickly.
  • Be on-time for pickup and delivery. (I like to show up at least 30 minutes early)
  • Use their tracking app if they want you to.
  • Do check calls on-time if they ask you to.

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