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February 21, 2024

FMCSA Issues Fake Safety Audit Scam

Business Management, Owner Operator

It’s crucial to stay on top of things in the fast-paced world of trucking, and right now, there’s a serious heads-up from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). There’s been a rise in fake safety audit emails targeting truckers. Understanding the Scam The FMCSA has spotted several shady emails pretending to be official safety…

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February 5, 2024

Valentine’s Day Special: Keeping the Romance Alive on the Road

Owner Operator

Valentine’s Day— a celebration of love and affection — can pose a unique challenge for those professions and lifestyles that keep them on the road, like trucking. Maintaining romance connections while constantly moving from one place or another requires some creativity, effort, and a bit of spontaneity. The Challenge of Love on the Move Life…

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January 20, 2024

Best Trucking Playlists for Every Mood

Owner Operator

Long hours on the road with nothing but white lines and the open road can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. This is where the magic of music comes into play. Music can uplift spirits and keep drivers alert. Podcasts can provide entertainment for the many hours behind the wheel. Creating mood-specific playlists can enhance…

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January 5, 2024

New Year, New Routes: Healthy Resolutions for Truckers

Owner Operator

Happy New Year, road warriors! Another year of endless highway miles is upon us. However, this year provides a great opportunity to focus on something other than white lines – our health. Chasing white lines isn’t just a job for truckers, it’s a lifestyle. Truckers face tough challenges, especially when it comes to staying in…

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December 20, 2023

4 Ways to Save Your Trucking Business Money

Business Management

In the fast-paced and competitive world of trucking, staying ahead means more than just transporting goods. It also requires a keen eye on your bottom line. The trucking industry is the backbone of the global supply chain, but it’s also a sector where profit margins can be razor-thin. For trucking business owners, finding ways to…

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December 3, 2023

Understanding Drug and Alcohol Compliance As An Owner Operator

Drug and Alcohol Compliance

In 2024, the FMCSA warns that a crucial change is set to revolutionize the trucking industry: truck drivers who fail drug tests will be at risk of losing their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). This major policy shift, aimed at enhancing road safety and ensuring a drug-free environment in the trucking world, is not just a…

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November 19, 2023

The Top 10 Qualities to Look For When Hiring a Truck Driver

Owner Operator

You want your motor carrier business to attract and retain the right drivers. But hiring good drivers requires knowing which character traits and professional qualities are most valuable. As Haulin Assets Ep. 83 suggests, a good driver shows professionalism, takes proactive steps to get a job done, solves problems effectively, takes initiative to help other drivers,…

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November 11, 2023

How to Pass a DOT Safety Audit

DOT, DOT Audit

When you’re running a trucking company, one of the most important ways to do business is to be prepared for audits, especially since you don’t always have control over when they could come your way. The U.S. Department of Transportation safety audit is one of the big ones. Fortunately, you’re likely to pass the audit…

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October 25, 2023

How to Establish and Maintain Good Relationships as an Owner Operator

Owner Operator

Whether it’s a relationship with a customer or with your employee, creating and maintaining positive relationships can make or break your motor carrier business. A common work saying is that people don’t often leave jobs – they leave bosses. This is where brushing up on your human skills (otherwise known as soft skills) saves you…

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October 10, 2023

A Guide to Improving Your CSA Score


Safe road behavior saves lives. And one of the most effective ways the trucking industry keeps the roads safe is by tracking driver behavior, data, and roadside incidents through something called a Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) score. This number can impact your company’s success because it’s monitoring your company’s safety and once your score…

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I enjoy working with the staff and how it was a no sales pressure approach. This approach allowed me to take my time and make up my own mind on moving forward with my trucking company. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and are there to answer any questions you may have. Tyler was my representative and I couldn’t be happier with his service.

- Marcellus H.

I’ve listened to the Haulin Assets podcast since it started and I knew when I was ready to get my DOT started I would have the guys at Motorcarrier HQ take care of it, well they didn’t disappointed in how quickly and professionally they started my LLC and got me my DOT numbers, I’ll be going back sometime next year for them to get my MC started and complete the process to getting my authority, hope this helps someone who is on the fence.

- Daniel M.

Extremely professional and armed with all of the compliance knowledge required to get your trucking company up and running. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with Motor Carrier HQ and especially our amazing account rep Matthew.

- Jay S.

Very good experience. Tyler is awesome to work with. Very reliable and trustworthy. If you are looking to open a trucking company, I would only use this company.

- Mark S.

The Motor Carriers HQ personnel are very helpful. I would highly recommend starting your business with them. They are professional, knowledgeable and very patient. Whether you purchase from them or not, they answer every question. I was paired up with Mathew and I don’t think I could have received any one better.

- Damien M.

They make it to easy by offering everything you need with just one call. Will continue to use them as its a great value and time saver.

- Robert V.

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