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If you just got your trucking company started, there are a number of steps you need to take next to make sure your company stays on the road. Regardless of whether you started a trucking company and hired employees or became an independent owner operator, you may be due for a new entrant safety audit if you’ve started your company within the last 12 months. Get the help you need to pass with Motor Carrier HQ.

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What Is a DOT New Entrant Safety Audit?

As a new motor carrier you are required to prove your trucking company operates safely for at least 18 months and pass a new entrant safety audit within the first 12 months of starting out.

As part of this audit you’ll be required to prove to the FMCSA that your company:

  • Follows proper drug and alcohol compliance
  • Hires drivers that meet all of FMCSA’s qualifications
  • Has necessary insurance and follows proper operation protocols
  • Makes any necessary repairs and passes safety inspections

What’s the Risk?

There are a number of problems your company can run into if you don’t pass your new entrant safety audit. If you failed your audit, you are required to submit a corrective action plan within 45 days of the audit that details what your company is going to do to fix the issues. If a corrective action plan isn’t submitted, your business could be placed out of service for a minimum of 30 days.

Proper preparation is key, as there are a number of factors that could cause your trucking company to immediately fail. For example, if your company is found not following some basic safety practices, such as using a driver who doesn’t have a CDL or you aren’t part of a random alcohol and drug testing pool, you automatically fail.

Get Everything You Need to Pass

We offer a DIY package for $99 that goes through everything you need to pass your audit. As part of our package, you’ll be provided:

  • 9 folders with instructions for each section
  • 13 files and necessary forms with instructions
  • 67-page guide that details everything you need

Just follow everything outlined in the guide, and it can cut down the entire audit from what often takes four hours to a little over an hour.

Get Started Now

Take the next step in preparing for your new entrant safety audit by giving us a call or ordering our audit assistance package. We’ll give you the tools needed to pass your new entrant safety audit and keep your trucking company on the road.

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