November 3, 2021

How To Check if My DOT Number Is Still Active

If you’re running a trucking company, planning on running a trucking company, or even planning to hire a trucking company as a broker, you have to have an active DOT Number. But, if you aren’t sure whether or not the number you have is active, don’t just assume it is. Instead, check it online for free through two main methods.

1. Use FMCSA’s Website

Because a DOT Number (whether or not it’s active) is public information, you don’t have to log into any service to view it. If you know what your DOT Number is, you can search for it on FMCSA’s Company Snapshot to get an overview of your company’s public data, which includes:

  • Your business’s official name, address, and phone number
  • Your DOT Number
  • Your MC Number, if you have one (operating authority)
  • How many drivers your company has
  • When your company was placed out of service (if applicable)
  • What the company is authorized to haul
  • Inspection history
  • Crash history
  • Safety rating
  • And more

A screenshot of what you can see through FMCSA's system

If you don’t know what your DOT Number is, you can also search by company name and find the correct listing. However, it may take some additional time, as there may be more than one company with the same name, so you’ll have to filter it by location.

2. Request a PIN and Log In to FMCSA’s Portal

You can get more detailed information about your trucking company by logging into FMCSA’s portal with your unique PIN. This provides information that is not accessible to the public and goes more in depth of your safety rating and inspection results.
If you aren’t sure how to request your PIN, you can follow our simple video tutorial.

You can get your PIN by:

  • Requesting it to be sent via email (the fastest way)
  • Request the PIN to be mailed to the address on file

When requesting your PIN to be sent by email, you’ll need to know your USDOT Number, your Federal ID (EIN, SSN, etc.), your company’s name, the name of the person requesting the pin and the official title of that person.

It will then send an email to the email address you have on file with your PIN. It’s that easy!

How To Reactivate Your DOT Number

How you reactivate your DOT Number depends on a variety of different factors, such as what status your DOT Number actually has.

  1. If you didn’t update the MCS-150 as part of the biennial update, all you will need to do is complete the required form to reactivate your number.
  2. If your DOT Number was revoked because of the new entrant safety audit, you will have to fill out a separate form. It requires additional information, such as a corrective action plan to prove to the FMCSA you are working to make your company compliant with safety regulations.

We can help with this step to determine what steps you should actually take to get your DOT Number reinstated, as it can get confusing determining what you need and what you don’t.

How To Reinstate Your Motor Carrier Operating Authority

You may also need to request to reinstate your Motor Carrier Authority (MC Number) along with your DOT Number. When applying for reinstatement, you may have to pay an additional small fee to reactivate your authority. Also, similar to first obtaining your operating authority, you need to have your BOC-3 form and insurance already in place before your authority can be activated.

But, if you are put out of service with an unsatisfactory safety rating, you must there are several steps you have to take to get back into the good graces of the FMCSA. The process is complicated, but we can help you navigate it and make it as painless as possible. You can avoid this by using our DOT Audit Assistance Package to pass your audit with flying colors.

There may be an additional step for any authority that has been inactive for over 12 months, as the timeline the FMCSA requires to activate it is especially difficult. So, if you are trying to reactivate your operating authority, you should call and talk to one of our coaches before proceeding.

Reinstate Your DOT Number and Get Your Company on the Road

Your DOT Number is crucial, no matter if you’re staying in one state or traveling across the country. So, if you find that your DOT Number was revoked or marked as inactive, talk to our coaches! We can talk further about the goals you have for your company and help you run a successful trucking company.

You can also listen to our podcast Haulin Assets, which has tons of free tips you can use to help manage your cashflow, hire good drivers, and find loads that actually make a profit. It’s free and we’re still releasing episodes, so make sure to subscribe for more trucking tips straight to your inbox.

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