Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Training


Our online course includes:

  • 60 min. training on symptoms of alcohol abuse
  • 60 min. training on symptoms of controlled substance abuse


Get Our DOT-Compliant Online Supervisor Training

If you have more than one driver (or are supervising one driver you’ve hired) you are required to train your supervisor on reasonable suspicion of drug and alcohol use in the workplace. If you have questions about what the FMCSA requires, give our coaches a call to help you determine what your trucking company needs to be compliant.

What’s Included in Our Training?

Our 120-minute course covers everything the DOT requires to make sure your company is compliant with drug and alcohol regulations. There are two main sections:

  • 60-minute training on symptoms of alcohol abuse
  • 60-minute training on symptoms of controlled substances use

Why Choose Motor Carrier HQ?

We make meeting drug and alcohol compliance requirements as easy as possible. Our online supervisor training meets FMCSA’s requirements to:

  • Teach supervisors how to recognize circumstances under reasonable suspicion that a driver is using or under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Know the process to refer that employee for the appropriate drug testing

Our course is done completely online, so you can do it anywhere, whether you’re on the road or in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to come into our office to get certified. Once you’re certified, you can prove to the FMCSA during safety audits to prove that you’ve met the requirement.

Listen to episode 15 of Haulin Assets to learn more on being compliant.

Drug and Alcohol Compliance for Owner Operators

If you’re an independent owner operator, this course may not apply to you, however, you may need to join a drug and alcohol consortium to handle any random drug and alcohol testing.

Join Our Drug and Alcohol Consortium

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