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Set Forth Company Policies and Procedures

In addition to the Audit Assistance Package, the Safety Policies and Procedures can hold your company to a standard of excellence so violations are less likely to happen. Management is required to do their due diligence in confirming hired employees have a safe driving history and will operate in compliance with the FMCSA’s regulations. The nine folder system will cover the employment history, but the policies will cover corrective action procedures if the driver receives a violation.

Although the drivers’ history usually demonstrates their workplace integrity, there is no way to confirm that a driver will continue operate safely when unsupervised out of the road. In a situation where the driver may pick up unsafe habits, the policy will guide management to correct the behavior. For example, drivers who get paid by the mile have incentive to break hours-of-service rules and regulations to make more money. Motor Carrier HQ’s Policies and Procedures Package holds them accountable to operate in compliance. If a driver is not following regulations, it falls back on your company and can become a costly issue if no corrective action is carried out. A policy will establish guidelines and direction for management, or to keep yourself in check as an Owner-Operator.  You will receive each policy below, we recommend you purchase the Audit Assistance Package in addition.

  • Driver Qualification Policy
  • Driver Hours of Service Policy E-Log
  • Hours of Service Training
  • Driver Qualification Policy
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Policy
  • Fleet Maintenance Schedule and Preventive Maintenance Plan
  • Safe Driving Guideline and Policy for Accident Prevention

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