Audit Assistance Plus


Our package includes:

  • One on one support from our safety team before and during your new entrant safety audit
  • 9 folders with instructions
  • 13 files and necessary forms with instructions


Are you ready for a DOT Safety Audit?

Whether you are an owner operator preparing for your new entrant audit or a veteran and want to be ready next time you are flagged into a port be ready when the DOT comes knocking. They want to see that you have basic safety management controls and policies in place to ensure compliance with the regs.

Motor Carrier HQ has spent years developing an audit assistance program to help you stay in compliance with FMCSA Regulations. Our step-by-step system costs $549 and provides your company with resources and DOT Company Policies and Procedures to ensure you’re prepared. Our Safety team is available for real time questions, document support, and DOT file upload.

Service includes our Audit Assistance package, Safety Policy and Procedures Package, and our safety team will be actively involved in the audit.

If you have any questions about the system and would like to purchase, you can call Motor Carrier HQ at 888-652-0590 to speak to one of our business coaches.

We want to help you succeed in trucking, and we’ve got a number of free resources to help you navigate the trucking industry. Want to learn more about what it takes to start your trucking company? Check out our free podcast Haulin Assets to get started.

Do You Have Your Operating Authority?

Don’t have your operating authority? Before purchasing the audit assistance package, you should consider getting your operating authority with our New Motor Carrier Authority package first. We can help you get your company on the road right from the start.

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