Intrastate DOT Number

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Need an Intrastate DOT Number?

  • Used for intrastate commerce
  • Also called Intrastate Operating Authority
  • We do all the paperwork


Get Your USDOT Number and Intrastate Operating Authority

Don’t let paperwork slow your new company down. If you only haul your own property or if you are intrastate (you stay within one state), you typically only need a DOT Number. We can file the paperwork to get your USDOT Number for just $199! Simply place your order and we’ll take it from there.

Not sure what your trucking company needs to get started? Give us a call before purchasing, so we can answer any questions you have about getting your new business started.

I’ve Placed My Order. What’s Next?

We’ll get in touch with you shortly to get all the information we need to complete your FMCSA registration to get your DOT Number as soon as possible. We’ll also help you navigate any other regulations specific to the state you’re planning on hauling in.

Do You Need Interstate or Intrastate Authority?

Are you planning on keeping your trucking company in one state, but does that state require you to get a DOT Number? We’ve got you covered! We know which states require or don’t require one, but as a general rule, you may need a DOT number if you are:

  • Transporting hazardous materials that require a safety permit


  • Have a vehicle or vehicle and trailer that have a gross vehicle weight rating over 10,000 pounds
  • Transporting more than 8 people (including the driver) across state lines
  • Transporting more than 15 people (Including the driver)

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Hauling Interstate?

Don’t order just your DOT number, get the whole package as part of our new motor carrier authority package. Choosing the right type of operating authority for your company can save you time and money.

Get Your Operating Authority

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  1. Steven M. (verified owner)

    The process was simple and the gentleman I dealt with was very informative about the process. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to get started in the transportation industry.

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