DOT Number Reinstatement


Reinstate your DOT Number if it was marked as “Not Authorized” or inactive.


Get Your DOT Number Reinstated

We know you don’t always have to start your company from scratch. It’s possible to get your company back on the road, if you’ve had a DOT Number before, you can check to see if it’s still active.

Depending on the status of your DOT Number, you may need to get it reinstated. Our coaches can help you if your MC Number application was dismissed or your DOT Number is listed as:

  • “Not Authorized”
  • Inactive

We want to make sure your company meets all requirements set by the FMCSA, so if you’re ready to get your company back in business, get in touch!

What To Expect With Us

When you want to reinstate your DOT Number, we’ll reach out to you as soon as we can to get any additional information we need to help you navigate any tricky rules and regulations that comes with starting a trucking business.

Along with reinstatement, we can also help with any additional registrations, including filing your UCR. We do it all to help you run a successful trucking company.

Get the Help You Need

When it comes to all things DOT compliance, you need a winning team on your side. If you aren’t sure what your company actually needs to run successfully and avoid unnecessary fines and fees, talk to a coach. With our measure twice, cut once method, you can be confident your company has the foundation to be successful.

Has Your DOT Number Been Inactive for Over 12 Months?

Don’t purchase our reinstatement services online, instead give our coaches a call. The timelines the FMCSA requires to activate it is muddy, so you should talk to our coaches before proceeding.

We’ll talk further about what history you have with your trucking company and help determine what you need and what you don’t to save you time and money.

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